"IMPORTANT To Every Serious Fighter,
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"Because Flexibility Training Enhances The 5 Most Important Elements Of Success In MMA"

Independent testing has shown that flexibility training saves serious fighters hours of time and energy spent on weight training, running, and bag work while producing the same fantastic results.

What are the top 5 elements that equal success for a fighter?

  • Explosive Strength
  • Knock out power
  • Superior Conditioning
  • Quick Recovery
  • Injury Prevention

"Flexibility For MMA" unlocks the secrets of flexibility training that most athletes donít know about. And the best part is, experiencing those gains is quick and easy. The KEY is learning the right steps and techniques.

Dear Fighter,

If you're like me, you've probably discovered how difficult and sometimes painful it can be to work on your flexibility.

Here's why:

Flexibility training and stretching is complex. It doesn't simply involve attempting to relax your muscles. There are several factors that can affect how easily you can increase flexibility.

Some of these factors are:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Activity Type
  • Warm Up Activity
  • Scar Tissue Buildup
  • Injuries

So why would someone think that just sitting and holding a position for minutes at a time gives them any benefit? Because that is how everyone has been taught to stretch. It is not only a waste of time but it often achieves the opposite results, causing tighter muscles.

But the good news is this:

Increasing your flexibility, and maintaining it, is a lot easier than you may think.

IF you know the right steps and techniques!

You may be skeptical, and I understand why. Most flexible fighters that I know say they were just born that way.

The truth is that, while some people are blessed with natural flexibility, it is more than attainable for even the most inflexible athlete. Believe me, I was the most inflexible fighter I knew. 6'3" and could hardly kick above the waist.

By using the right combination of techniques I was able to increase my flexibility so that I am now one of the MOST flexible fighters that I know, even beating out the self proclaimed "naturally flexible" fighters. And I did it quicker than you might think!

But here's what I didn't expect...

I originally started working on my flexibility so I would be able to kick higher and start Eddie Bravo's Rubber Guard system. Well, after a few months those were both a breeze. But then I started to notice other changes in my fighting and athleticism.

I was getting less tired during sparring which, for me, was a huge improvement since I've never been good at cardio, not even when I worked on it hard.

I felt my hands getting heavier. I even accidentally knocked out a few sparring partners because I didn't realize how much power I had developed.

I had to know why I had suddenly gotten stronger. I had an inkling it was because of my flexibility training but I couldn't be sure.

What I found surprised the hell out of me...

Increased Stamina - When you develop your flexibility and range of motion you're essentially freeing up muscular movement and lubricating joints. With this unrestricted movement your muscles and cardiovascular system aren't working nearly as hard.

Explosive Power - Flexibility training provides the exact same effects as power lifting in the development of increase nerve impulse velocity. This means that the signals from your brain to your body occur at a faster rate which results in more speed and power.

Unlocks Strength - Regular stretching and self myofascial release frees up trigger points that are trapping potential strength. This explains the accidental knock outs.

Prevents Injuries - Most people have heard that stretching prevents injuries but that's not necessarily the case. Studies have shown that an athlete needs a flexibility buffer zone of about 30% in order to avoid injuries. That's a difficult place to get to if you're stuck doing traditional stretching techniques with very little progress.

Speeds Recovery Time - With better flexibility comes better circulation of blood. As the blood flows more freely through your body it brings with it nutrients and removes waste. This process results in being able to get back to the gym, and training, quicker.

Why isn't flexibility taught?

I couldn't believe that I received all of those benefits just from working on my flexibility training correctly. I couldn't understand why proper flexibility training wasn't taught in many mixed martial arts gyms. I mean, with all those benefits that are such obvious assets to a mixed martial artist, shouldn't it be priority?

I decided I needed to do something about it

I knew that the flexibility training I had learned on my own was good but I wanted to make it great. I started interviewing everyone I could think of - Physiotherapists, massage therapists, gymnastics coaches, kinesiologists, flexible fighters. Anyone that I thought could help me develop an easy to follow flexibility training program.

Finally!! An Easy To Follow Guide That Fighters Like YOU Can Use To Increase Flexibility

After a year in development our experts managed to come up with a concise guide to flexibility training that is written specifically for the mixed martial artist.

By reading Flexibility For MMA you'll have access to EVERYTHING you will ever need to know about increasing flexibility. The best part is that it's been tested and proven by many hours of REAL fighters trying it out.

Our flexibility package is chalk full of exciting information...

  • A Guide To Self Mysofascial Release... It's basically the equivalent of a deep tissue massage. It removes build up of scar tissue and trigger points that inevitably happen when fighting. The best part is you can perform it on your own without having to pay $60-$90 an hour for a professional massage therapist!

  • Pictures And Descriptions Of All Stretches... We want to make sure you're performing all the stretches accurately since proper form can speed up the process.

  • Easy To Follow Steps To Increasing Flexibility... The well laid out steps save you from having to wade through books and books of information on the topic of flexibility.

Unlock A Whole New Toolbox Of Skills:

Would BJ Penn have received his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so quickly if he didn't have his insane hip flexibility?

Would Anderson Silva appear so graceful on his feet if he lacked the fluid body movement that his flexibility allows?

Would Eddie Bravo have been able to develop his rubber guard game if he wasn't able to pull his foot to his chest?

There are reasons why the above fighters have done so well for themselves and one of them is that their flexibility allows them to have an edge over the majority of fighters that lack it.

More Knock Outs...

I said earlier that I found myself knocking out sparring partners after working on my flexibility for a couple of months. I'm not a big guy. Tall but light at 170lbs. on a good day.

Flexibility has made me stronger and faster and it's that combination that knocks people out.

More Submission Options...

As you develop better hip flexibility there is a whole new facet of Jiu Jitsu for you to work on. Eddie Bravo's Ruber Guard is an obvious style but there are many other techniques made easier with excellent flexibility. Even the simple triangle choke can become sickly dangerous when you no longer have to grab your foot to lock it in.

Better Takedown Defense...

You just have to look at BJ Penn's unbelievable takedown defense to realize the benefits. Wrestling relies heavily on taking away an opponent's balance and base. That becomes 10 times harder when you're able to balance one leg with the other in bizarre positions. Increased nerve impulse velocity from flexibility training also enhances balance.

Better Submission Defense...

As you increase the range of motion or ROM of your joints you'll be able to withstand dangerous positions longer. Sometimes even a fraction of a second is enough to avoid having to tap.

Improved Cardio...

I used to be able to box forever but as soon as I added kicks I would gas in a matter of minutes. I didn't realize it but it was due to my tight hamstrings. My legs were actually fighting the movement of kicking to prevent getting injured. As soon as I got more flexible hamstring I realized I was able to kick forever too!

Try Out "Flexibility For MMA" NOW For Just $39.95 $19.95...

To give you a taste of how quick and easy flexibility training can be I'd like to offer you the chance to try out the methods in the book for 60 days for just $39.95 $19.95!

6-8 weeks of training was all it took for me to see the fantastic results and if you work at it on your training days for a few minutes you WILL see results.

But I understand you may be skeptical. I want to offer a RISK FREE GUARANTEE. If you are not satisfied with the results within 60 days we will give you your money back!

So, I invite you to at least give it a try. And I hope the results are as exciting for you as they were for me. Nothing feels better than knocking out your opponent!

To get your copy of our fantastic ebook "Flexibility For MMA" NOW for just $39.95 $19.95, click here.

Here's what a few of our readers have said about
"Flexibility For MMA"

"Flexibility For MMA has taken my training to a level I never thought I would reach. I couldn't believe that I would EVER be able to pull rubber guard! It took a few weeks for me to start feeling like I was improving but then I started to notice big improvements from week to week."

Samson A, CA.

"I've always had problems with tight hips when I kicked. I never felt like my kicks had much power and they always felt a little awkward. After about 6 weeks of training I realized one day...I'm a STUD at kickboxing now! I use the techniques I've learned in the book after every practice and I'm getting better every week."

John Hunt, OR

"I have really long legs and I wanted to make full use of them for my jiu jitsu and grappling game. After following the direction laid out in this book I have managed to develop some pretty nasty moves that most of my fellow fighters can't pull off. My triangle choke has got to be my most dangerous weapon now because of the speed I can lock it in."
Wes S, Canada

"Flexibility would have been enough but I noticed a HUGE improvement in my strength. I used to weigh about 30 lbs. heavier than I do now. It was all muscle but I've NEVER felt this strong. Itís a different kind of strength though, more functional for mixed martial arts."

Frank Dougherty, Canada

"I had to tell my secret to all the guys in the gym cause I was the only one with enough flexibility to do a gogoplata. I didn't want to give it away but they were happy. Thereís something really satisfying about pulling off fancy moves like that. Thanks for making it so easy!"

Shane Walker

Here's the bottom line:

If you're serious about becoming the best fighter you can be then you'd be silly not to add flexibility training to your game. It's hard to find any other training that can offer so many valuable benefits to a mixed martial artist. We want to prove to you that it can be done.

But Please Note...

This $39.95 $19.95 Offer won't last for long, especially with the added value of our PREMIUM membership (total $179 a YEAR) to our video and newsletter content FREE for life!

We can only personally guarantee that this offer will be available today. There will be no exceptions so, if you return to the site and the offer is over, our staff won't be able to give it to you.

So, I urge you to act quickly!

I really can't imagine a serious fighter turning down the chance to improve upon so many aspects of their game. And the best part is it is almost effortless activity.

Get immediate access now and remember, it's RISK FREE.

You Can't Find This Stuff Anywhere Else!

We look forward to your success!


The Staff at FlexibilityforMMA.com

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